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Photopaper with FlexBind binding

The pictures are printed on real qualitative photopaper. The pages are bind togeather using  FlexBind binding, that allows for an lay-flat enhanced viewing experience.  Uninterrupted spreads can be printed across the binding


Variaty of materials and colours for hardcover

You can choose from two options of hardcover- photocover with  a texture spine and texturecover. Light and eco feel linen or heavy leather feel optic performed in natural colours or in a bright colour of your wedding. The hard-cover is artisticaly complemented with  complemented with end-sheet 


End paper and Tracing paper

Every book has a sheet of end paper, connecting the cover with the pages and a sheet of half-transparent tracing paper with text or without, providing an aesthetictransition into the photo-story. End paper can be done in 24 different colours 


Sleeve & Box

Optionally choose between sleeve and box made in the same style as the cover to keep your book safe and clean
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